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hi mikey, i have a muscle knot down the middle right part of my back. i got this knot from bending over too much and stretching. now it hurts from time to time but what i want to know is what do i do to remedy it and what supplements, creams or therapies are best for this problem.

Hello Christopher!  

Sorry to hear about your pain issue, it sounds like you may have pulled a muscle, but it's tough to be sure without assessing you myself.  Based on the area you said hurts and what you think caused it, it might be a pulled lower trapezius (Trap) or maybe latissimus dorsi (Lat) but again I cant be sure remotely. Can you get your hand on it?  Does it feel raised and rubbery?  Hard like wood?  Warm and painful to touch?

Stretching might actually be a help to you if you do it nice and slow, but If the problem persists I was suggest seeing a massage therapist who does therapeutic work, especially sports massage, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), or myofascial release (MFR) and let them assess your range of motion and palpate (feel) the area manually.  They might be able to get you fixed up quickly, and if not they should better be able to tell you just what the problem may be or who you could see instead if they think your issue is more serious than massage can address.

Best wishes!


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