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QUESTION: Hello. I'm in school for massage therapy. I'm learning about muscles and the skeletal system. Its really hard to remember. What are some ways that will make it easier? Besides flash cards. Any book recommendations would be great too :)

ANSWER: Thanks for your question!

If learning  about muscles and the skeletal system seems daunting, try the nervous system :)
Every learning experience has a learning curve. Don't get disheartened by difficult terms.

From my experience, I have found that studying each section (skeletal, muscles, nervous system) individually gives you enough time to absorb each subject at your own pace. Start from the skeletal base and move up when you are confident with that section.

The most boring part is studying from books. There are many resources on the internet available for free that can simplify each term and make it more enjoying to understand.   is a very good comprehensive source.  is a very good illustrative guide to anatomy  You can purchase anatomy software from here.

You can also find various mobile apps for android and ios which show anatomy in 3d which is the best way to learn.

As usual practice makes perfect and even after 20 years of working in Massage therapy, I forget the terminology of certain body parts. You do not use these terms with patients because you'll get a blank look on their face :)

Do this as a fun project! Remember that when a learning experience is connected to an enjoyable event, that experience burns into your memory!!

Good luck and have fun learning!

Jeremy Lanfranco

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QUESTION: Hello again. I wanted to know if I really need to learn all the muscles and all the bones of the human body.

The bones are a must in most schools but all the anatomical points on the skull in detail are not necessary especially the different fossae and foramenae.

Since you will be working with muscles, i believe you should also know the major muscles. This all depends on which country and school you are learning and also the country legislation required by the country you are practising in.

Better ask for a transcript of the course content from your school to determine what is required of the student.

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