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I have pain in my sacral and it pinches in my groin I have been travelling and sitting for hours and I sit crossed legged in yoga pose as I am the passenger, not the driver (smiling,) It feels like my coccyx is burning on each side of it and my sitter bones ache really bad after sitting for long periods, now I am getting like e tendon pull in the groin near but not on labia, I also suffer from neck pain a lot If I sleep wrong I get a migraine if my pillow is not  in the exact right position. It is an electrical pain and radiates over my head and forehead
Any advice would be appreciated

Many thanks for your question!

For a moment let's split your question in 2 because your neck and groin ailments are unrelated. (although we're talking of the same spine)

1. It seems you already know whats causing your groin pain. You also know that no 2 persons are built the same. Therefore when sitting you are supposed to alternate butt cheek pressure by alternating the 'yoga' position. Your sacral anatomy might also be contributing to this pain. There are many factors mostly involving the natural gluteal cushioning that you have been blessed with. Thin and wiry persons or heavier mortals without adequate gluteal cushioning tend to get increased pressure in the area causing the pain you described. This is due to lack of blood supply to the area due to a pressure hot spot. In extreme cases this could also lead to a 'bed sore; as found in bed confined patients. Since travelling is something of an issue here, I would suggest increasing the cushioning artificially using a memory foam bumper seat, This will ensure you treat the area with the respect it deserves. Massage in your case could help increase blood flow to the area and fix a few of the symptoms if you can bear the embarrassment of a stranger working very close to anal/vulvar area for a good 10 minutes. Some massage therapists like myself use  a massage pad vibrator that increases blood supply to the area without having the sensation of deep finger pressure in the area. You may also consider checking if the car seat is well padded. Uncross your legs and bring them to a natural position frequently because changing position also changes the pressure point areas.

2. in 20 yrs or so of practice, neck tension is by far one of the largest pocket fillers of any massage therapist. Poor sleeping patterns, excessive alcohol consumption and unorthodox neck positions during sleep can all contribute to muscle spasms in the neck muscles. Just remember that when you sleep, 1 side of the neck is nice and warm and the other side is either exposed to a fan, A/C, or a cold room. There are light polonecks that keep your neck warm during you sleep. Here again, many factors contribute to this ailment. There are 6 layers of muscles in the neck all responsible for different movement. The ones responsible for radiating neck pain over the head an forehead as described could be 1 or more of the following. (Trapezius, semispinalis capitis, semispinalis cervicis and the rotatores) Migraine and headaches can be triggered by muscle spasm in the neck. Massage will help alleviate your symptoms although most neck sufferers are also stressed out and never seem able to relax. Articulating your neck (look up a video how to do it in youtube/ neck exercises) and running warm water down your neck whilst showering will always loosen those neck muscles. You might also wish to consider an anatomical pillow. Some clients adapt to it and others find it worsens their conditions so you can't say if you do not try. You have not mentioned which position you sleep in so I cannot really say if there are other contributing factors.

Moreover , I would like to suggest/disclaim that although advice given here could help you identify how to alleviate your condition, nothing beats a proper examination by a professional because all I have said above could become null and void after an examination.

Hope you understand!

Kind regards

Jeremy Lanfranco  


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