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I have pain in my sacral and it pinches in my groin I have been travelling and sitting for hours and I sit crossed legged in yoga pose as I am the passenger, not the driver (smiling,) It feels like my coccyx is burning on each side of it and my sitter bones ache really bad after sitting for long periods, now I am getting like e tendon pull in the groin near but not on labia,
Any advice would be appreciated

Hello Rosemay,

From what you explained, I'm suspecting that you are sitting on your coccyx (tailbone) rather than on your sit bones and irritating the nerves and muscles surrounding it. Also, your muscles are getting out of balance with the long hours of sitting in just one position. The muscles in the outer part of your leg and hip are shortening and the groin and inner thigh muscles are being stretched.  Apparently, none of them are happy with that situation.

The gluteal muscles (buttocks) are pretty likely involved in your pain.  You may discover that they are tender and tight if pressed into.

You can use a firm ball like a tennis ball or racquet ball to apply pressure to your gluteal muscles.  Do NOT press on your coccyx!  You can use the ball to press into the buttocks when you are laying on your back.  Press into the muscles next to the tailbone but NOT on the tailbone.

I would also suggest sitting with your feet in front of you in a normal sitting position.  Give your poor seat a break.  It may be just too much of a good thing.  :D

You may also find that gently squeezing your thighs together will help them feel less over-stretched and start getting rid of the groin pain.

I hope this helps.



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