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QUESTION: Can you recommend a good stable portable massage table that can handle 400lbs of weight? I am currently receiving PT for my shoulder and treatment tables cost $500 to a couple thousand. I want something that will elevate  me far enough above the ground for some of the home  exercises they're having me do and my own table would be helpful.

ANSWER: Hi James,

You can find good, sturdy tables at bulk shopping stores like Sam's Club or maybe Costco.  They might not always be in stock but seem to be quite often and the price is just over $200--very affordable.  These tables are heavy and sturdy.  Even though they are sold as 'portable' they are too heavy for me to cart around.  'Portable' means they fold in half which makes them easier to move.

Sometimes used massage tables are available on Craig's List.  Just look in your area.  Sometimes therapists sell their tables for one reason or another.

I suspect that all tables will support 400 lbs of static weight.  It would be hard to sell a massage table that could not support at least that much weight.  

I hope this helps!

Thank you for asking,


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QUESTION: Can you recommend a particular brand of table? particularly that can handle side to side shuffling without tipping over? I'm not keen on second hand equipment and don't have a sam's club membership. I saw one for $150 or so but wasn't sure how  steady it would be.

Hi James,  

You can shop at Sam's Club without a membership; it will just cost a little more for a day pass (as far as I know.)  The manufacturer of a table will be able to tell you the weight it's designed to hold.  

I have had all of my tables for years.  Oakworks and other brands.  If the $150 table is made of wood and has sturdy legs, I'm thinking it will be fine for you.  You will have the legs set to a comfortable height for you so it's not likely to tip getting on or off.

When I do use the table as a stretching tool, I do move slowly and thoughtfully so the table doesn't have a chance to tip.

Massage tables do make great aids for stretching muscles and for lengthening your muscles.  

I hope this helps.



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