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Massage/the cope method?


         I remember I had come across a website last year which depicted a pain relief technique in which the practitioner would pinch the skin of the patient while pulling gently and perform series of clockwise and counterclockwise rotations. The underlying tissues/fascia would then relax and relief pain. It was might of been called the Cope Method or Cope Technique. Have you ever heard of this and do you know what the official name of the technique is called?

Hi Rick,

I've not heard of this technique by that name but it's a form of myofascial release.  Myo means muscle and fascial refers to the fascia.  Fascia is a connective soft tissue which encases all of the soft tissue (not bone) structures of the body.

If you lift the tissue away from the body and hold it, it will start to soften and relax.  When it has softened, then you can turn it slowly and thoughtfully in one direction.  Again, it will start to stretch and soften.  Then go slowly and thoughtfully in the opposite direction.

A good place to practice (unless there is a reason not to) is on your own abdomen.  You can feel the stretching as it happens and you will get a good idea of the pacing for optimal effect.  The pacing is slow.

Thank you for writing, Rick, and I hope that may help a bit?



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