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Massage/torn gracilis muscle


QUESTION: Hi I went to my accident n emergency the other day as I'm suffering terrible pains in my groin n upper thigh area they scanned me and told me I've torn my gracilis  muscle and all they can do is recommend paracetamol n ibuprofen now my thigh is very swollen I can't walk ,sleep in fact do anything n I'm very distressed and on top of all that I have a lump on my upper thigh and it seems to be getting bigger I would be so grateful if you could advise me thanks vicki

ANSWER: Hi Vicki,

Thanks for your question!

Gracilis/groin pain can be very debilitating.

a/ It would be helpful if you specify how this injury has taken place.
b/ Did you just wake up like that?
c/ Did you fall/overstretch/slip?
d/ Before visiting the A&E, how long had you been suffering from the pain?
e/ Was this diagnosed with U/S scan, CT Scan, or MRI?
f/ What is you age/height/weight?

These answers will assist me to be more accurate in giving you the best advise.

Based on the answers I get to these questions, I will let you know

1. If further medical treatment/referral is indicated.
2. What type of hot/cold compresses are needed if any.
3. If massage would be indicated.

I await your reply

Kind regards

Jeremy Lanfranco

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Jeremy it's complicated how I got my torn muscle about a yr ago I tore my hamstring in my other leg and I have been healing from that,I went on a trip to blackpool on coach with my partner and the journey was about 4hrs when we arrived I just thought I was sore from the journey but as the week went on the pain got worse and I found it difficult to walk by the time I went to Ane I had suffered for just over a week,the hospital gave me a ultrasound scan and then told me that I'd torn my muscle I'm 5ft tall n I weigh about 8 stone 5llbs n I'm 43 hope these answers help vicki

Hi again Vicky!

Based on the answers you have provided, I can  assume that your condition would merit further investigation. A reputable massage therapist would be able to tell you if your condition is within his/her competency.

The following are a few ideas which may help you feel better. If any of these suggestions make your condition worse, stop at once and self refer to an orthopaedic surgeon.

If you lie on your back bringing your knees pointing to the ceiling and feet flat on the bed/floor, are you able to open your legs into an east/west position without pain. Does bringing them back up cause plenty of pain?  How long ago has it been since you have had a bone density exam. Your debilitating pain may be caused by hip osteoporosis and would require more specialised treatment. If there is no pain, and pressure to the area releases a spasm and 'feels' good, you might have nothing but a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles leading to the groin including the gracilis which by now you would be able to identify correctly by searching on the internet. Do not use cold compresses on the area but try hot compresses by using a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. You may try massage but if the condition worsens, speak to an orthopaedic surgeon to exclude osteoporosis. Its quite early for your age especially if you have not hit menopause. If however you are in menopause or have for some reason had your ovaries removed, there could be a cause for osteoporosis.

If you find a massage therapist that specialises in groin pain its much better. Kindly note that massage in that area might be a bit embarrassing if you are seeing a male therapist as proper treatment reaches deep into the pubic area, so do your homework before initiating any form of treatment.

I wish to be of better help, however this media is not the best place to conduct a proper examination. The advice I give you here is based on my 20 years experience in massage therapy and is in no way a conclusive diagnosis of your condition. I hope you understand. If after trying hot compresses or applying pressure on the painful area you feel better, let me know. Its always good to receive feedback after giving advice.

I hope the best for you, keep calm.... when things are that bad, they can only get better!

Take care Vicky!

Kind regards

Jeremy Lanfranco


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