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Massage/spa or clinic?


Hi. I want to help people in maybe a clinical setting or retirement home. I'm not sure about the spa. Because some places give you extra training but I'm also afraid the clinical wont pay very much like compensation would.

Hi Shari,

Thanks for your question.
I only work in a clinical setting so can't really say much about a spa

However in my first years I used to work in a spa. You do get extra tips because people use a spa for luxurious purposes. In a clinical setting this is rarely the case. My work is mostly therapeutic and I get very little request for relaxation.

In a clinical setting you work by appointment and enjoy your life and family at the times most important to you.

In a spa setting, you are pressurised to work and overwork. The pay is also good but the working hours are a bit daunting. I also do not like the idea of a spa because i find it a bit cold and im personal and feel just like a number.

I never get a good massage myself at a spa

Remember that if you give one excellent massage the potential customers increase 10 fold by word of mouth.

Hope this helps



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