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Massage/Abdominal massage?


I benefit from my regular massages. Beside tight muscles, I also have digestive issues, including irritable bowl, acid reflux, and gluten intolerance. I also have some central obesity. Sitting for hours at a time driving a truck does not help. My insides fel like a dead weight, and dont feel good when I poke and prod. BTW i dont have any other medical issues that could cause this My therapist told me there are specialised massages for this. She gave me a basic circular message which helped, but she is not trained in anything else. Are there in fact therapists that do this, and besides massage, are there any other therapies that can help?


Massaging your abdominal area in circular motions is beneficial, however it would require many hours and sessions for you to feel any improvement.

After reading your symptoms the first therapy that came to mind is colon hydrotherapy.

The first time I heard of such a therapy I was reluctant. It is an area of my body I prefer to keep private.

Several years ago I had symptoms such as yours, also including an increasing list of allergies to foods I had no issues with in the past.

I booked with a colon hydrotherapist who explained the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy.

The process is done in a very gentle and respectful way to hydrate your colon with water.

The warm water accompanied with specialized abdominal massage began to remove years of organic material that essentially was stuck inside my colon. My body could not digest the material in my colon, and as a result accumulated years of organic waste that my body stored in a thick mucous.

The closed loop system allows you to see what is being removed from your body, I was shocked to see what had been inside my body.

After three sessions my bowel movements became regular, and in 30 days I lost 15 pounds from my mid section.

My digestive process improved significantly, and my irritable bowel resolved itself.

Two months later my joint pain and my allergies subsided.

I cannot express to you how therapeutic colon hydrotherapy will be for you.

It requires a little bit of courage to try something new and be in a position of vulnerability, however my quality of living improved significantly from this decision.

Colon Hydrotherapy is only required for a few sessions, after your digestive tract has been restored it will efficiently process food once again.

I suggest contacting a local colon hydrotherapist to see which method (open or closed system) you feel comfortable experiencing.




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