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Massage/massage after an operation


Tanga Okondo-Totterdell wrote at 2014-10-18 15:28:05
6 weeks or more for most types of massage (bearing in mind contra-indications to massage etc. as Christopher Hall has expertly outlined). 1 week or possibly sooner, for manual lymphatic drainage - which is actually a light skin technique, rather than a massage involving the muscles.

Be sure to clear this first, with the appropriate doctor/specialist/surgeon.

The light touch of manual lymphatic drainage encourages lymphatic flow (does not affect blood circulation - no erythema is produced) just below the skin surface (and consequently deeper into the body), helping to decongest the surgery site and speed the healing process. It aids a more orderly laying down of scar tissue and so greatly reduces scarring-in-progress. Lastly due to it's sympatholytic effect (slow, regular, rhythmic movements cause this) on the nervous system, it can help reduce pain, and is very relaxing.

I regularly treat clients after cosmetic surgery to facilitate their healing process, and have also treated clients following surgery from broken bones.

My Best,

Tanga Okondo-Totterdell

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist (Vodder DLT).

Working in London, United Kingdom.


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