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I have been trying to find out (apart from the obvious) why metal pins and plates are contraindicated to massage.  Can you elaborate on this issue for me?
Thank you

Malleolus (ankle) with plate and screw
Malleolus (ankle) with  
Hi Julia,
The main reason is for mechanical irritation and even cutting damage that the metal implants cause to the surrounding tissues.  They really are delicate at the metal-tissue junction, and the residual inflammation never really does go away.  
Often, there are heads or tips of screws protruding into soft tissue.  Sometimes this is even done intentionally if ligaments or tendons need to be re-attached; a metal staple may hold the tissue against the bone for the 6 weeks to re-adhere, and not be removed afterward.  

There are often sharp edges (ie. the screw head indentation).  And the bone is often disjunctive, which means that there's a lot of movement at the breakage site.  

Heat and cold are conducted through much faster too.  That can mean that tissue can be damaged by heat and cold much easier.  
When you see pictures of many of these surgeries, you can see the disaster just waiting to happen.  

Glenn, RMT


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