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One of my issues is that I, for some strange reason, keep coming back to certain irritating scenes in my past and reliving them differently with me being more aggressive in those scenes than in the real past. Or I imagine possible future scenarios where I am very aggressive towards certain rather hostile people. Say, about 10 scenes or so, in all. How do I get out of frequently thinking about such matters and returning to the present? Thanks, Geoff.

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Hi Geoff

I think you're very smart to take this action to manage your thoughts and imagery. I think what your mind is trying to do is correct what has happened in the past, and protect you in possible future scenarios. Your mind is always working to heal and keep you safe, even when it's very hard to understand what it's doing.

I have worked a lot with individuals, using imagery to address both past and future threatening situations, without aggression--but with significant power and strength. You will find those guidelines, along with several others that are also highly effective in this anger management process. These tools include three journaling exercises and three imagery processes.

Use all of these tools in a very focused and consistent manner, Geoff, and you will definitely receive benefit. Once your anger has begun to subside, emphasize the positive journaling and positive mental rehearsal exercises for pre-paving the future you choose for yourself.

By the way, every one of those 10 scenes or so may have significance for you. I encourage you to journal about each of them, if it feels right to you. You could do this by 1) Describing the scene 2) Describing the scene from the viewpoint of the other characters that appear in your imagined scenario, and 3) Re-writing the scene with the outcome you would prefer. This is all happening in your own mind, Geoff, and you can take charge of these processes by using the tools I have recommended.

Trust your mind. Believe in the goodness and integrity of your heart and soul. You can do this.

My best to you,

Dr. DeFoore

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