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lefty wrote at 2006-10-06 16:13:49
I beg to differ.  There is an American Mastiff.

karlee wrote at 2007-07-19 22:32:18
Not 100% sure where you get your mastiffs but they finding one what it 265lbs - 278lbs...that's insane. That is NOT the average Mastiff. The average male Mastiff should be between 180-220lbs. Anything more then that...then I'm thinking that Mastiff must be disgustingly over weight.

Karlee wrote at 2007-07-19 22:34:01
Oh and just also wanted to add that yes there is an American Mastiff. Breeders will tell you they don't drool, when in fact they do drool.

I wouldn't get an American Mastiff over an English Mastiff ever.

EdU2R1 wrote at 2007-11-07 22:07:02
There is a breeder that mixes the anatole mastiff with the English and has called this line the American Mastiff saying they do not drool like the English Mastiff does.  They are not registered with the AKC.  I have an English Mastiff, she is gentle and sweet almost to a grandson thinks she's a lot of fun to chase.  :)

Robin wrote at 2007-11-27 18:22:06
I really liked your answer to the English Mastiff, I don't know anything about the American Mastiff, I have an English Bullmastiff, 15 mons. old and he weights 168lbs, he does not have one bit of fat he is as solid as the day is long.  His mother was 185lbs and his father weights over 220, he was also a 5 pt. champion.  If people have to ask about the drool, look at other breeds.  As far as the tail, nothing on any table is safe.  His tail is always going and when it hits the wall it sounds like someone knocking at the door.  If you don't mind drool, and getting knocked over every now and again.  This dog is for you.

Amanda wrote at 2008-05-27 19:39:11
I have to ask why you would say there is no such thing as an American Mastiff?  The breed has been around for over 25 yrs and there a lot of owners out there who will definitely dispute that statement.

eric wrote at 2008-09-16 16:35:34
hi there, i was just doing some breeder search for mastiff to help my friend decide on his options and i came across your question. Well let me start my answer saying this, i am not a vet nor a breeder but i have studied dogstheir breeds catogories etc for more than a decade and i happen to be a big fan of mastiffs( all kind of mastiffs)so as i say i just can tell you what i know and have seen and observed during these years. Cant give you a lot of detail but will try my best to explain you in short.

1- differece between them is weight, height, ancistors and character to a bit. english tends to be bigger, taller and quiter than the bull mastiff. bull mastiff is the result of breeding bull dog to an english mastiff. both need kind but dominant handeling. NO AGGRESSION AT ALL TO BE USED WITH THEM OR YOU ASKING FOR IT.

2- All dogs drool in some or the other way or because of  some reason. in case of mastiff the drool to may be a bit more because the way there lower lips are formed. when you took at a mastiff face ypou will see that the lip joints at the end of the lips are open, loose and falling downwards, which infact makes it difficult for them to stop loosing fluids from those end thus resulting in drooling. they do drool and might drool in excess in summers or after drinking water.

3- American mastiff do exsist they not pure breed, what i mean is that they are result of breeding english mastiff to anatolian shephard, this was done so to get tighter lower lips, thus reducing the drool but as i said all dogs drool so do american mastiff. they were introduced by flying w farms in OH. USA.they are very big and do look somewhat like english mastiff but with a bit tighter lower lip.

4- family with kids above 5yrs should be ok with mastiff bcos your kids are grown up but i will not suggest you to ask then to take the dog for a walk if he grows double the kids size. the will not be able to hold him on the line. a year old mastiff could be too strong for a 4 yr old kid to take for a walk. THese guys like kids and family but holding them against their force of kids could be very difficult.

5- both english and bull mastiff suffer from health problums of cancer, hip problems etc but i will advice  you to personally do check on there health issue. American mastiff is said to be in better position then the two others as there is not muched talked or writen about there health problem. it seems that the have better health record.

6- breed can cost you any where from 2000 to 3.500 depending on lot of factors eg breeder, champion, lineage way to find the best dog is to find best breeder. i will suggest that you take serious time out and meet breeders see there kennel , dogs, studs, pups, there  breeding records etc to make sure that they have the best to offer. do not  forget to ask for dog medical check up and hip certificates...

well at the end i wish i have satisfied you a bit with the answer. plz excuse my spellings.

make sure you do a fair amout of research before you go for a buy.

wish you all good


Zunky wrote at 2009-01-05 05:13:45
We have our first English Mastiff she is 11 months old and she weighs about 140 lbs.  She is so sweet.  As far as the temperament she is great with kids and my grandkids lay on her and ride on her and she has never even growled. she just there.  The only concern I have is our "Zunky" is unaware of her size she like to try and sit in your lap and wants to be loved and cuddled like our schnauzers, sometimes this leaves bruises on myself simply because she is so big.  But she is truly a very, lovable dog.  The sweetest dog I have ever had.

Karen wrote at 2009-09-26 14:59:11
We have a 4 year old American Mastiff that we adopted from Flying W Farms, which is strange, since there is no such thing.  We got her as an 8 week old puppy and our son was one year old.  She has been the most gentle dog I have ever owned.  She tolerated the baby crawling on her, poking at her - fingers in her nose, ears, you name it.  I have pictures through the years of them laying in from of the fireplace together (ie - him ON her), etc.  I had an instance of answering the front door when a stranger reached out towards my child, and that dog was in between them in an INSTANT!  Not aggressively, just letting them know to rethink if they were planning anything.  She has had NO health problems.  She does drool from time to time, as do all dogs, but rarely, and certainly not a constant stream.  I LOVE this dog and it is the only one I will ever own again!!!

Someone wrote at 2010-09-15 00:19:10
There is an American is a mix of an English Mastiff and a Anatolian Mastiff.  It looks more like an English Mastiff, but doesn't drool as much

GentleGiantLucious wrote at 2011-06-24 07:41:41
Mastiffs are sweet and gentle. Period. Of course, there are dogs of ALL breeds that are bad apples. It just all depends on how you raise them. Show them never-ending love and they will love you just as much in return. Leadership is key. I have only owned a Mastiff for 2 days and he is remarkable. He came from a serverly abusive and neglectful home, but now he is in for the best 4 or hopefully more years of his life. :)

vaughn martin wrote at 2013-04-16 19:15:08
There most certainly are American Mastiffs, they are a cross between an Anatolian Shepherd and an EM and live longer have less health problems and do not slobber. There rae 10 breeders that are certified in the world with 7 or 8 here in the USA.


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