Is it dangerous abstaining from ejaculation for a long period of time, like 6 months? I know western doctors dont recomend not ejaculating cause they say it can damage the prostate. But I know chinese medicine and ayurveda has a different point of view. I've heard people abstaining ejaculation for months and having alot of more energy, clarity, no more anxiety, no more Erectile dysfunction-problems. problems caused by overmasturbation just disappears. What do you think? is it ok not ejaculating for 6 months?

Thank you

Well forgive me as I don't now much about eastern medicine but ther is something to be said about going from regular masturbation to nothing. Some good some bad. First the bad; you touched on it in yor question when you stop masturbating regularly your body is used to producing spermcells on a regular basis and when you stop you get a build up of sperm and other stuff. This can lead to prostate cancer and also testicular cancer. Now if you were masturbating so much that you had mineral deficiency which can lead to fatigue erection problems and or lowering of brain functions then eating a healthy diet and reducing the amount of masturbating will help these symptoms.

Now there is a good way of stopping and a bad way. When you go from masturbating two or three times a day to nothing that shocks our body and makes the problems worse. Now if you reduce the amount you masturbate gradually (like over a few months) then you allow your body to acclimate or get used to the lack of masturbation. Now that can't eliminate everything that may go wrong by stopping but it will greatly reduce how bad it effects you.  


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