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Hello David,

As you will learn from my questions, I have never been to a sex education class so I might sound like a noob, although I'm 23 years old and have been masturbating since I was in grade 6 probably. Anyway, I have a few concerns.

1. How much is too much? I know it may seem sick but I have been keeping a log of how many times I have done it for the past 8 months and the average that has come out is 2.78 times per month. Is it too much or maybe too little, healthy or not? I try to avoid as much as I can though.

2. Is there any truth to the belief that I might lose the ability to become a father some day if I masturbate too much? Or maybe I'll be done too quickly if I masturbate frequently when the time comes for the real deal? I ask this because I have the tendency to just cum within a minute or two if I want to. So I am feeling like its going to hugely embarrass me sometime in the future in front of a gf/wife etc.

Thanks for reading

Did you really mean 2.78 times per month?  That doesn't round evenly to 8 month (22.24 times in 8 months), so I wonder if you made a mistake.  That isn't nearly often enough.  That is barely enough ejaculation to keep your prostate and other glands in good working condition.  Frequent masturbation prevents prostate cancer, according to a team of doctors led by Dr. Graham Giles.  Dr. Giles recommends that younger males masturbate at least six times per week.

Occasionally I tell males who are masturbating 3 or more times a day that they're doing it too much.  But most of the time, you can tell you're ejaculating too much when your private parts inside start to hurt.  

Masturbating will not impair your fertility.  If anything, it's good for your fertility.  Masturbating keeps your semen fresh and in good condition for fertilization.  If you masturbated more often, it would take you longer to reach orgasm.


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