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Hello Dr. ! I'm Akash. I've been masturabating for 10years. Let me list down some of my symptoms:
1) Premature ejaculation
2) ED
3) Limbs tremor
4) Lower back pain
5) When I get attracted to a girl, my heart starts to pound.
6) Anxiety about health.
7) Phobic to public speaking.
8) Throat horse and dry(all day).
9) Frequent urination.

I'm 6ft weighing nearly 65-72kgs. I do workout, follow healthy high protein diet, don't drink or smoke.

Masturbation is the only bad habit I have and that's why I want to quit it. I have controlled myself to a great extent like once or twice in 10 days.

Help me and I would be grateful to you all my life.

Hi Akash,
First I want to make it clear I am not a medical doctor, and I do not have a degree of any kind. Most of the people on this website are also not doctors.
We have a different view on masturbation in America then some other countries do. We do not believe it to be a disease or harmful to your body in any way.
As far as I know, there have been no credible studies that have shown clear evidence of negative effects on health from masturbation.
Some of the symptoms you list are clearly due to other health problems, but none of them are caused by masturbation. Anxiety about health, phobia with public speaking, and a faster, stronger heart rate when you become aroused are all perfectly normal. The other symptoms you list should be checked out by a local medical doctor.
Again I'll stress to you that masturbation is normal and healthy. Your body does not know the difference between masturbation and sex, and we all know that sex is natural and necessary for humans to survive, so therefore you can draw the conclusion that masturbation can not be harmful to you, since your body doesn't know the difference.
What you're really asking is if there is a remedy to slow down your sex drive so that you do not have the urge to masturbate. If you continue to believe masturbation is unhealthy and you want to keep yourself from doing it, just try to stay busy with hobbies, friends, school, work, etc.
Good luck


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I can answer most questions about male and female masturbation including physical, mental and ethical aspects. I've helped many girls and women, and some men, with issues like not enough pleasure, too much or too little masturbation, mutual masturbation and teaching others, and using it to improve your sex life or life in general. If I do not already know the answer to your question, I will gladly find it or refer you to someone who does.


I have helped my sisters and friends learn how to pleasure themselves growing up. I was always the one my friends would ask about it and I would try to help find the right solution for them. I am very comfortable talking about the subject and any problem associated with it. I believe there is always a solution to any problem, but I will not hesitate to refer someone to counseling if the problem warrants it. I strongly believe masturbation is a healthy part of living for both sexes, and can especially be important for women's sexual health and relationship success. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and have done a lot of research on masturbation, and how a healthy amount of it can be a positive part of a young person's life, and an uplifting part of a relationship or marriage later in life. Personally I have been masturbating since I was 11 years old, and I have tried just about every trick in the book. I know what worked for me, what works for most people, and what is just a bad idea.

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