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Masturbation/Masturbation Good or Bad ?


QUESTION: Most of the doctor say that masturbation is normal. Then why people who masturbate frequently come up with sexual problems more than who don't or do it less frequently.

People who masturbate report PE, ED and other problems.

Can you explain this to me?

ANSWER: Hello again Akash,
As I stated in my reply to your other question, I am not a medical doctor, but I do not believe masturbation is unhealthy for you.
Think about how sex is not only normal and healthy, it is necessary for humans to persist on this Earth. Masturbation is NO different from sex, except for you are the one giving the stimulation. Since there is no way for your body to know who is stimulating it, it can not know the difference between sex and masturbation.

Do you have links to literature from these sources that claim that the frequency of reported cases of ED and PE escalate as masturbation escalates?

I can see how, if someone masturbates a lot, multiple times per day, that ED could result from that. But that is not the result of masturbation acting as a disease on the body, but more a result of the sex drive being fulfilled. It would be like if you ate a very large snack before sitting down with your partner for a big meal. You would not be able to eat very much of the meal. In the same way, if you frequently masturbate you are relieving your sex drive, and then expecting your sex drive to be at the same levels when you want to have sex, and that is not practical.
I have not heard, however, of masturbation causing PE, in fact just the opposite. Masturbation can often help men learn how to delay orgasm.
Let me know if you have some studies or literature you'd like me to look at backing up this claim that masturbation leads to these or other health problems.

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QUESTION: Okay Heather but tell me when you aren't a doctor then how can you say whats right. You say masturbation isn't a disease I agree with you. But drinking isn't a disease too but it causes so many problems to people who get addicted to it.

Okay what to do if I want to quit habit of masturbation permanently and increase my testosterone to boost my libido.

I hope you wont mind the above statement cause I think its just conversation and not personal.

Literatures on Ayurveda and Homeopathy clearly state loss of vital fluid causes sexual problems.

ANSWER: Hi again :)
I don't mind your questions at all.
I can say what I believe is right only because you asked for my advice. My advice does not carry the weight of a medical doctor or researcher. I do know a fair amount about medical research, though, and I can tell you that a lot of homeopathic research would not meet the modern standards for valid medical research today. If you see research about masturbation causing health problems, ask yourself: "how did they figure this out?" Good research that attempts to prove that one thing causes another takes years, is double-blind, and uses control groups to eliminate variables. A lot of "studies" come out all the time attempting to prove that Vitamin C will keep you from getting sick, or that one race is superior to another, or other such things, and when you really look at the research you'll find it wasn't done very well.
I can only speak for my personal experience and the experience of those I've known, and I can say that masturbation is often healthy for single men and women, and for couples. Humans have been doing it since the dawn of time. Our closest animal relatives, chimpanzees are known for doing it quite often.
In couples, masturbation can help the individuals learn what their body responds to, so they can communicate that to each other. It can also help relieve a sex drive one person feels when his or her partner is not in the mood, therefore lowering the chance of cheating.
If you wish to continue believing that masturbation causes a lot of health problems you will need to find the experts in these Homeopathic fields, and compare the way they did their research to other medical research around the world and see if it seems valid to you. I have no knowledge of any medications, homeopathic or otherwise, that will safely lower a libido; so I'm afraid I'm no better then a Google search for that specific question. Good luck with your quest, I don't believe I can be of any more help to you on this subject.

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QUESTION: Ok Heather you felt offended but don't be under the impression that I'm passing my time eating up your head.

I believe "When you ask a question you become a fool for that moment but if you don't ask it you will remain a fool for the whole life. "

I didn't want to lower my libido but increase it, you misread that line. I'm convinced with your answers.

My friend, I used to masturbate multiple times a day and 2-3 days a week when I was too young, so I thought my PE and ED are result of masturbation. Since last few months I have reduced the frequency to 1-2 days in 10-20 days, but I still can't resist to masturbate multiple times a day.

I just wanted to clear my doubts because when I don't masturbate for 10 days I feel energetic and confident. After masturbating I feel very low, lack confident, avoid socializing especially with girls. I also feel that I don't respect women. The truth is I respect them very much.

That's why I want to take a break from this habit and reprogram myself. I know masturbation is a natural phenomenon but want to break the habit of over/multiple masturbation.

I don't drink or smoke or eat junk food.
I do yoga, workout and follow healthy high protein diet.
I'm 25, 6ft, 65-70kg, muscular.Helpful, caring and humble in nature but believe me girls don't take interest in me.

I feel depressed, ignored and alone all time. Which initiates me to masturbate more and more multiple times a day to get rid of sexual frustrations or anxieties.

Should I go with medication for Nervous Exhaustion and PE?

Hello again,
I was not offended and I apologize if I made it seem like I was.
You are correct that I misread the line about your libido, but I believe you would in fact want to lower it. Your libido is another name for your sex drive. Since your goal is to lower the urge to masturbate regularly, you would want to lower your sex drive. If you increase your libido in any way, you will find it even more difficult then it is now to avoid masturbation.

Next I'll respond to this: "My friend, I used to masturbate multiple times a day and 2-3 days a week when I was too young, so I thought my PE and ED are result of masturbation. "
First I'd like to say it's my opinion that there is no such thing as "too young to masturbate," as long as one is doing it of their own free will with no adult interaction. If you are masturbating of your own free will, you are likely doing so because it feels good. If your body was not ready for masturbation, it would not feel good, so don't worry about starting too early.
Second, I'd like to add that you can't take your own personal experience and apply it to the world as a whole. You can't assume that because you masturbate a lot and experience ED and PE that masturbation can cause PE and ED in human males. There are thousands of factors influencing your physical and mental health every single day, and thousands more and different factors affecting men and women around the world every day as well. To come to that conclusion you would need several large studies that look for increases in PE and ED among adults who report frequent masturbation, and I've never heard of such research. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but let's not draw the conclusion just based on one person's experience. ;)

It really is clear to me that your problem with masturbation is completely non-physical. In other words, because of how you think about yourself in regards to masturbation, it changes how you feel and act afterwards. My guess is that your parents or someone with a lot of influence on your life made you think masturbation was wrong and dirty, and you have had trouble thinking differently. Medication will not help this. My advice is to continue to do research on masturbation and continue to look into how it is natural and healthy and can't cause the health problems you worry about. As you continue to expose your mind to this, you should feel less and less worrisome about it.
I also recommend pursuing hobbies or a career to boost your confidence and happiness. You can't control when you meet a woman that will be romantically interested in you, but you can control pursuing the other things you want in your life. As you pursue other things you want, your confidence and happiness will increase, and you will become more attractive to the women in your life. No woman loves a man who just sits around waiting to have sex. The active, smart, happy you that has a great career and a lot of activities will have a much better chance at finding a good woman.

I also believe after our communications that it is possible you may suffer from a mild case of hypochondria, in which you are overly concerned about your health, you believe you have symptoms or diseases after hearing about them, and you have trouble just believing you are healthy and living happily.
I am not a trained therapist and can't diagnose you, this is just my opinion. I'd recommend seeing a therapist at your convenience to talk more about your health concerns and to make sure that your health worries are not taking up an unhealthy portion of your life.
Good luck and take care!


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