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Over the past four years(starting in the fall of 2008), I've noticed that sometimes my masturbation sessions sometimes feels as ordinary as scratching an itch instead of feeling mind-blowingly enjoyable because I'll get the urge to masturbate not always because I want to fantasize or enjoy the session but just to ONLY get the sensation of ejaculation and after the ejaculation I'll feel as if I did to relieve some kind of discomfort/infection. I'm wondering what this could mean if my masturbation and ejaculation feels just plain ticklish instead of being completely enjoyable?

Sometimes it is as ordinary as scratching an itch.  By definition, most events are average.  Some are below average.  So you ought to find ways of making your sessions more enjoyable.  Some males add variety in what they watch, toys they use, lubes, etc.  Sometimes a different hand or body position makes a difference (although I greatly warn against masturbating in the prone position).  Make a point of enjoying more than just the orgasm.


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