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Masturbation/Want to quit masturbation forever.


QUESTION: Hello Dr. ! I'm Akash. I've been masturabating for 10years. Let me list down some of my symptoms:
1) Premature ejaculation
2) ED
3) Limbs tremor
4) Lower back pain
5) When I get attracted to a girl, my heart starts to pound.
6) Anxiety about health.
7) Phobic to public speaking.
8) Throat horse and dry(all day).
9) Frequent urination.

I'm 6ft weighing nearly 65-72kgs. I do workout, follow healthy high protein diet, don't drink or smoke.

Masturbation is the only bad habit I have and that's why I want to quit it. I have controlled myself to a great extent like once or twice in 10 days.  

Help me and I would be grateful to you all my life.

ANSWER: Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It is not a bad habit.  You should do it often and enjoy it.  Once or twice in 10 days is not nearly often enough.  Most young adult males masturbate about once a day.

Masturbation does not cause any of the symptoms you describe, except possibly the back pain if you do it too much.  Masturbation is good for your sexual faculties.  If you really have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, masturbation is a useful exercise to work on them.  

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QUESTION: Thank You so much Dr.

So you say its normal but I don't agree with you. I think my testosterone level has fallen because of masturbation. Any homeopathic medicine to increase testosterone.

My desire for sex is high but because of PE and ED I'm not getting proper erections. Any homeopathic medicine that can help me.

I don't know anything about homeopathic medicine.  But I know that men with high testosterone masturbate frequently.  More than men with low testosterone.  Masturbation doesn't cause low testosterone.  High testosterone causes masturbation.  Men with low testosterone masturbate too, only not as often.  I would encourage you to work on diet and exercise and not worry that masturbation is hurting you.  Masturbating is good for you.


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