M 21 year old my weight is 54kgs i do masturbation twice a day. i want to gain weight and for that m doing gym, one of mine friend told me to not to do masturbation more than twice or thrice in a week coz sperm contain protien and which will not help u to gain weight. Is it true? And what should i do to gain weight?

There was a study done by a prestigious group unfortunately I forgot their name and can't find the exact study again but they took two groups of men and women and had the first group work out a specific workout and during this time were not allowed to masturbate and the other group did the same workout and were allowed to masturbate. The results showed that the group which didn't masturbate had a slight increase in the ability to develop muscles compared to the other group. However they did not say how significant this difference in ability was so I can't say if it was really significant to muscle development. So there is something to be said about the ability to develop muscles and masturbation but its nit fully researched.

In order to gain weight you need three key things. You need a good well developed workout routine focusing on speed lifts or exercises as well as endurance type exercises.  This means you need to work on let's say long runs and fast forty meter sprints as both work on different muscles and different chemicals. The second is a well balanced diet focusing on muscle growth you can go to a vitamin store and ask them what kind of diet you should have for maximum results. Third you need plenty of sleep and Time for recovery meaning you need a good eight hours of sleep along with a day or two of no workouts or seven days of medium workouts with time to recover in between workouts.  

You can develop a good workout routine by seeing a doctor and or going to a store that specializes in body building to find someone who can develop a routine to help gain muscles.  


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