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QUESTION: I am tired of just rubbing my penis to jerk off. It gets the job done, but not that stimulating. I want to know some more techniques. I typically use a gloved hand and lotion and just rub up and down.What are some improvements that I can make upon this more pleasure inducing. I also have my own shower and I want to use it, but I don't know any methods to use in the shower. What are some good one. It is a bathtub shower, so I can lay down if need be.
Thanks so much

ANSWER: You might experiment with different types and brands of lubes.  There are water-based, oil-based, and silicon-based lubes.  Within those, there are brands that have warming ingredients in them to provide a warming sensation.  Different lubes feel different, and it adds a different dimension to masturbating.

You might also try masturbating in a kneeling position.  It makes for an intense orgasm when your legs are trapped under your body.

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QUESTION: Do you know any good techniques that can be used in the shower? I like the hot water and steam from a shower.

If you've never masturbated in the shower before, it might be a different feeling, because obviously there is hot water all around.  For best results, keep your legs as straight as possible, possibly by leaning against the wall.  As you get more experienced with shower masturbation, it will get easier.  The shower has traditionally been a male (and female) favorite because of the extra privacy available there.

Some males also squat in the shower and masturbate in that position.


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