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Masturbation/I dont know how to masterbate


I've looked up so much on how to masterbate i also dont know what an clitoris is and a mound i know i might sound stupied but it's true.
I'm also a VIRGIN so how would i do it diferently???

HI Crissy -

I understand your frustation. There is really no way I can explain where the clitoris is better than what a diagram shows. Click on this link, and in the middle of the page will be a very useful diagram showing you where you clitoris is. When you have time, just feel around for it. When you get aroused your clitoris should get harder and a little bigger.

As for masturbating, there are a number of ways. Each person is different so I will give you some examples to try. Remember it takes patience and also practice to be able to orgasm.

--- The most common way is to rub your clit in a circle. Keeping a good rhythm helps, but the pressure you put on and how fast you go is totally up to you

--- Also when you are rubbing your clit you can use your other hand to insert one or two fingers inside you. Move your fingers around the inner walls of your vagina to get the most pleasure.

--- Use a shower head and have the water shoot onto your clit. A lot of women use this for both the pleasure and privacy.

--- By a vibrator.

---Try laying on your stomach and rubbing your clit :)

I will be here if you need any more help ok ;)  


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