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Masturbation/excessive masturbation?


Hey my name is Kevin and I'm 22 now I've been masturbating since I was 14 2-3 times daily. I've read on certain articles that over masturbation can lead to ED as well as blurred vision, genital pain, low sex drive,memory loss, and thinning hair. I know I'm suffering from the sexual ones, but I fear that I'm also affected by the others. My question is what can I do to recover from these affects? I keep reading articles and it seems like they're leading me to buy their product, I just want to know if I stop masturbation will I recover completely from this? I'm currently seeing this girl and when we had sex halfway through I went soft and just didn't enjoy it, is this also a symptom? I'm terrified of what I read online please help.

Masturbating 2-3 times daily is quite high at your age but not too unusual at 14.  It does not cause those problems you mention, except maybe genital pain.  There is no product you need to buy, but I would suggest cutting your masturbation frequency down to about once a day, which is what most men your age do.  I also suggest abstaining from masturbating for 3-4 days before a planned sexual encounter.  After you have gotten more accustomed to having sex with women, you can decrease the interval.


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