Im 14 and me and my friend samantha were bored and we started humping eachother without scared me at first but i kindal liked i wanted to know does this make me lesbian

Well no this one act does not mean you are now a lesbian the closest I can say that this makes you is bi curious. The gay/lesbian debate that has raged on for years now both in the scientific community and the religious community is well A. Is it a genetic thing or is it a simple choice. And B does simply "likeing" a gay/lesbian event make you strictly gay or lesbian. Now people can say that there are only two clear cut sexual orientations but there can be as many as we want all it is is a definition for society and everyone always forgets about the third clear cut orientation bi sexual meaning sure you like having sex with the opposite sex but you enjoy having a same sex relationship as well. Now this means that yes if you liked that masturbation session and find the thought of having sex with other girls arousing then sure you might like women but if the thought of being with a male also turns you on as much as being with a girl then that doesn't mean your straight it means you can like both.

Now at your age it is impossible to say if you are gay or not based on your short years on this earth or the one event you have had. It takes some people their entire lives to come to that conclusion but others can say with certainty that their blank orientation just based off of either their genetics or the who they were raised like say a religious family. Not to mention that you are still young and going through puberty so your brain is physically sorting through the terabytes of information that it receives daily and with today's media being what it is for someone your age to try to determine their sexual orientation is becoming more and more difficult.

So my advice to you is first don't start labeling yourself gay straight or whatever yet for a few reasons first schools these days are more accepting but there are still tons of documented cases of kids who "come out of the closets" at a early age and wind up with bullies or violence so don't label yourself. Second you are young and what you find arousing today may totally turn you off in three months so if your label sticks it'll be hard to unstick it.

Next word of advice is keep an open mind just because I say don't label yourself doesn't mean you should close off those doors with this friend you masturbated with if she enjoyed it maybe you two should try it again and see where things go like I said you could like women but you may also like men as well. So don't shut the doors just yet

Finally if you do find that you only like women and choose to come out of the closet remember you are who you are and nothing will change that so if things get tough kids bulky you or you find it hard for your friends and or family to accept you don't let that get to you too much it just means they are afraid of what they don't understand. Be strong and don't wind up saying you straight and live a miserable life without women just to fit in I know many lesbians who try that and regret ever doing that.

I hope this helped clear things up and if not please feel free to ask for clarification or just follow up on my answer. I have no problem going over an answer again If something isn't clear to you.

If you want to follow up please feel free to ask a follow up question on this website or you can email me directly and we can talk personally about your feelings and what happened. I never judge people on what they do did or want to do or anything for that matter and I support those who think or know for a fact they are gay/lesbian so if you want support or someone to talk to who won't judge you for your sexual orientation email me and I'll be there for you.

I am always here to help and just chatting is no exception sometimes just having someone there to talk to is the best thing for someone.


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