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QUESTION: I have been browsing for lubes lately and I was wondering what difference is there between them?  I know the difference between water, oil, silicon lubes, as you explained, but what is the difference between Astroglide, KY, and the store brand?  Does it matter?

ANSWER: I think you're not 18, because you're only asking about widely-available brands and not the brands only available in specialty stores.  Astroglide and K-Y Liquid and K-Y Jelly are the most popular brands of lube; mostly this is because they're widely available while others are not.  They are different.  The jelly form is obviously very different from the liquid.  Astroglide is slightly thicker than K-Y Liquid but they both work the same.  You would have to try them both to decide what you like best.  I don't know much about store brands.

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QUESTION: So how can I try a lube without buying it?  They are expensive enough that I would not want to buy a bottle just to try it.  And even if they had a tester in the store, all I could do with it is put it on my hands.  I obviously couldn't masturbate with it.  I wonder if you could give me any advice about which one to buy.

Some of the lube manufacturers will send you a free sample if you ask on their website.  I know I've told a few people about that.  I don't know what I can tell you about which one to buy.  That's like telling someone whether they should prefer Coke or Pepsi.  Both of the leading national brands are worth buying, and if you've never used a lube made especially for sex, you will like it.  

If you're worried about the cost, maybe get a tube of Warm Touch from Dollar Tree, which obviously only costs a dollar.  It is a jelly rather than a liquid but you would probably like it.


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