QUESTION: Yes, I am 15.  Can you explain what you mean by different kinds of lubes feel different?  Do brands really vary?  If so, what brand should I try?  I think I would like to give your lube idea a try.

ANSWER: There are three basic kinds of lubes made especially for sex:

1)  Water-based, like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide.  These are the most popular and can be used by both males and females.

2)  Oil-based.  Most makeshift lubes that males start with, like lotion, fall into this category.  It is inadvisable for females to use these.

3)  Silicon-based.  These are the most expensive but have the advantage of not evaporating like water-based lubes do.  Also inadvisable for females to use.

Additionally, some lubes have an additional ingredient added that provides a warming sensation.

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QUESTION: So where do I get these different kinds of lubes?  Is there a place that sells them that someone like me can go into?

ANSWER: The water-based lubes are easiest to find.  K-Y Liquid and Astroglide are available at any drug or discount store next to the condoms.  Some large chains also have their own store brands, which are a little cheaper.  I have seen a silicon lube at Target, but I don't know if that item is permanently for sale.  A sex toy store would probably have many more kinds than CVS, but you're right, not everyone can go into one or would want to.

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QUESTION: Can you tell me some more brand names so I know what to look for at the store?

These are some water-based lubes:  K-Y Liquid, K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, Liquid Silk, Luvena (for women), System JO H2O, Wet Original Gel,  ID, Joe Lube, Sliquid (for women), Aqua Lube, Sylk, ForPlay, Gun Oil H2O.

These are some silicon-based lubes: Wet Platinum, Swiss Navy Silicone, Gun Oil.

These are some oil-based lubes: Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream, Boy Butter.


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