I just noticed masturbation categories.  Here is my question again.

I am going to quit masturbation for religious reasons. 1. How do I stop? 2. You say many times that masturbation is necessary for male health. How is this so? 3. Will I suffer negative health effects by stopping?

1.  I don't think you will ever stop.  Males find a regular orgasm too compelling to give it up.  It is a waste of time to even try.

2.  The prostate gland is very sensitive to the amount of ejaculating a male does.  Too much and the gland can radiate pain outward throughout the genitalia.  Too little and the gland itself can become infected and painful.  Masturbating frequently is good for the prostate gland.  It is also good for the penis to become erect and then be drained of its blood through an orgasm.  Frequent ejaculation also keeps sexual fluids fresh and in good condition for conception.

3.  If you really stopped masturbating (which I don't think you can), you would be putting yourself at risk for prostate trouble.


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