i am 20 years old boy and i am virgin and i have never done masturbulation in my whole i am fine?? i never feel to do masturbulation...can i do sex and have childrens??..please reply me sir..i am very tensed about it...sir it would be good if i went to prostitute for sex and see is everything is okay???

You have asked a tough question.  I really find it hard to believe you have never masturbated, especially since you're reading a forum about masturbation.  Most men your age masturbate daily or close to it.  The fluid that comes out when a male ejaculates is called semen.  If you really don't masturbate, you should have been having wet dreams and ejaculating semen for about seven years.  I think you really do masturbate and the fluid is flowing fine.  There should be no problem with you having sex and children.  I strongly advise against going to a prostitute.  Better for you to find a nice young female who wants to spend time with you and eventually have sex.


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