hi, i'm a 23 years old virgin and i'm doing masturbating since my teenage, one thing i want to ask is that during masturbating (with fingers) i had tried so many times to insert my finger inside my vagina, but then there's a fear inside me, that do not let me go further, and i'm unable to get my finger inside, i cannot push it further like i am hesitant to insert my finger, because of that i had a fear growing inside me of real sex... kindly tell me any position for how to insert my finger deep inside me without hurting myself... thank you

Most females masturbate by stimulating the clitoris.  As they get older, more masturbate vaginally.  It is up to you whether you do or not.  There is no reason to be afraid.  It is normal and fun to masturbate vaginally, especially for women who are sexually experienced.  It will not hurt you to do so.  Try it sometime when you're feeling relaxed.


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