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Dear Amir,
I am 29 years old now , and i started masturbation since the age of 11 .. maybe 2 or three times each day !!
I know it's a very long time but i didn't know that over masturbation has a serious side effects.
i Just learnt that after an unpleasant experience with my girlfriend.

when trying to make love with her , i ejaculated two or three times very fast just by her hand touch.
Also after i got hard , and when trying to penetrate her , i lose erection very fast and couldn't achieve penetration at all.
i tried many times but no use.
erection happens only by her hand , but when trying to penetrate her , i lose erection immediately.

I am very depressed now ,
and i decided to stop masturbation completely
but i am not sure if that will help me or not.

I need your advice about that.
Is stopping masturbation will cure me ? and when that will happen ?
especially that i masturbated for a very long time of my life.

Also Do i need to take some medicines like Viagra
or do you suggest any other medications that are available in Egypt where i live now.

Do you thins that doing exercises for pelvic muscle will help me ?

I really appreciate your help.

dear Gregory,
sorry for replying to u late ,,now yr problem is wide clear ,,
u just lost some of your sexual power due to masturbation which took away much from your primary source of vitality and immunity, but this may not b a problem as every thing can get back to normal ,
and how is that ?
simply stop each and every sexual activity for a while , a month will b fine ,while increasing sea foods into yr daily meals specially oysters ,but u are too young to use any medications such as viagra or else ,,
after that month,,make much forplay with yr partner before penetrating her and everything should b fine ,dont worry my dear ,good luck!


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