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i am 30 years old and i want to know that how many times should i do masturbate in a day n also tell me shall i do masturbate in morning or in night n also if i masturbate many time should i get problem in my penis and many times wen i masturbate sperm comes fast n sometimes it comes thick n tell me due to more masturbate my penis shape turns in curve shape and my penis shape is curved shape n tell me that by curve shape penis shall i satisfy my partner in sex n tell me shall i cut my penis hairs and wen i think of sex or sometimes if i watch hot pictures my penis spreads little cum wat is that please replyy

Most males your age who aren't sexually active masturbate about once a day.  It is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  Whether you do it in the morning or evening, or both, is up to you.  About half of male masturbation takes place at bedtime.  

I don't mind all of your questions, but it would be better if you sent them to me in separate messages so that each topic gets its own message.


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