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Dear sir,

I am male 25 yrs,

i am masturbating from long time may be from past 3 yrs( and may be 2 times in a month).

Surely i don't want to do it, but i want to know, is it good for health or NO?

And, does my this kind of habit will affect my future sexual health?

may be i will get married this year inshallah, and

My query is, as i was masturbating from so long time, i hope i can make babies in future??
Or does this masturbation habits will affect my sexual health in future for making babies??

Please kindly explain me and clarify my question.

please mention the dis advantages of this masturbation.

Well yes masturbation has many benefits and fewer disadvantages. Most teens masturbate between three to four times a day and that frequency decreases as we age to around once or twice a week on the high end. The act of masturbation keeps your mind active as you can fantasize about whatever you want and also explore your fetishes and etc. I know many cultures frown upon masturbation but medically it is very healthy. Masturbation also helps keep the sperm active and healthy which answers another question you had about your potency later in life. The testicles produce sperm cells continuously and if we don't release them the cells die and just take up space getting in the way of healthy cells so when we masturbate we cycle through the cells keeping the older  cells out and allowing for new ones. However the body does have a way of releasing old cells it only does this if it is really really backed up.

Masturbation has many positive impacts on your current and future sexual health. We develop our fetishes by fantasizing and masturbating to those thoughts and if we masturbate we learn what feels good and where we get the most pleasure from. That way when we have sexual relationships with others we can say hey if you stroke me here I get the most pleasure as sex is not just an act to shoot a load in a female it is a act to show the love between to people and in order to show that love you need to know how to pleasure your partner and how to help them achieve orgasms.

As I ponied out above no masturbation has no negative effects on reproduction. There is no limit on cells that the body produces where once you release say a quadrillion cells that's it your infertile. The only limit that humans have on reproduction is age and females overuse have a limited number if cells that once depleted they are now infertile using their own eggs.  


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