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QUESTION: During the summer I found that I really like when the sun shines on my naked penis.  It is a nice warm feeling that only happens from direct sunlight.  It is rare that I can experience this because of course I am not a nudist and have to be positioned just right relative to the sun to get the rays like through an open window, and the window has to be high enough so that no one can see in.  Can you think of any other way to get this nice direct sunlight feeling?  It is a thrill to masturbate with sunlight on my penis.  Nothing else feels as nice.

ANSWER: Direct sunlight heats up your penis like nothing else, there's no question about it.  Even if you're not a nudist, there might be some place you can go to sunbathe a little bit nude.  It's more popular with females than males, but it can be done.  However, even if you find a place to sunbathe nude, I would advise against masturbating there.  Maybe do it by a second story window with sunlight coming through.  No one can see you up there, if you're below the bottom of the window.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your answer, but why can't I masturbate in private if I can sunbathe in private.  It doesn't make sense.  If I can find a private spot for sunbathing, then wouldn't it be private enough for masturbating too?

I don't think very many outdoor spots are 100% private.  The distinction is that if someone sees you sunbathing outdoors and calls the police, the police will probably just tell you to cover up.  But if someone reports you masturbating outdoors, the police are apt to take a harder stand and you could wind up on the sex offender registry.  Better to do it inside adjacent to an open window.


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