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QUESTION: And if store brand lubes make a difference, then does it matter what store's store brand it is?

ANSWER: I don't know much about store brands, and I know even less about why one store's brand would be better than another's.  It wouldn't surprise me if they were made by the same company.  Store brands are made to compete with a particular brand name, so you would have to see which major brand name you like and then see if the store brand is an acceptable substitute for it.  Most people who tell me they like a lube mention a brand name and not a generic.

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QUESTION: How can you tell which name brand a store brand has been made to imitate?

The store usually places its generic right alongside the name brand it is competing with, and there is often an attempt made to replicate the shape of the product, size, etc.  Sometimes store brands are better than the name brand product.  It's just a matter of getting experienced with the products.


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