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Masturbation/advice on what to do?


ok,my name is saad and iam a 23 year old male. i had masturbated before and now and then. i have been in a relationship since last 3 years. i have slept with my gf once only as we cannot meet regularly to make love. i slept with her around 8 months ago. we had sex and made complete love. the thing is that now i get too horny for her and want to make love to her but since we cannot meet regularly so its not possible. i get aroused by seeing her figure and her pictures and my dick gets hard. now my question is that how shall i satisfy this feeling, shall i masturbate fantasizing her and if i shall masturbate then what is the frequency? plus also tell me how to prolong my masturbation session as when i masturbated last week, i lasted for bearly 30 seconds and jerked off..i want a prolonged session of masturbation. plus i have started gyming recently as i wanted to gain muscle mass because i have been skinny. also tell me if mastubation would have any negative effect on my muscle growth and weight? kindly reply to all my questions, looking forward for your reply.

Most males your age who are not sexually active masturbate daily.  That is what you should do.  What you fantasize about is up to you.  The more you masturbate, the longer your sessions are apt to take.  Masturbation will not prevent you from growing your muscles.  

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