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Lately, I noticed that I've been having little or no interest in masturbation and I'm not exactly sure what is and I just turned 31 years of age and I also know that men in their early 30s, because they still tend to be healthy, are still very interested in masturbation and sex and I'm still fairly healthy but my interest in masturbation has almost completely gone away and I still enjoy looking at hot guys but I am no longer able to masturbate so instead of actually doing the physical act of masturbating I do, what most people would probably call it, mental masturbation. Another issue I've also been conflicted with is that I might be having a fear of sexual pleasure but I'm not 100 percent sure about that and when I was still masturbating it felt more like a chore than something enjoyable and I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. When I actually did enjoy a masturbation session it would feel great at the time but afterwards I'd feel depressed and tired. Having said all of this, what could possibly be happening to me? Is it decreased hormone levels? Do I, in fact, have a fear of masturbatory pleasure?

Happy birthday.  I Doubt that you are suddenly losing sexual interest.  Libido has peaks and valleys.  You might find that some weeks you are very interested in orgasm and others only a little.  That is normal.  Most times, men will get busy and find they don't have time for as much sex as they would like.  

Is it possible you're taking a pill, particularly an antidepressant that could be having that effect?  If so, ask your doctor to switch you to a different one.

Just masturbate and enjoy it.  You have no such fear!


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