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Masturbation/Hands tremble during masturbation


Hi ,Iím a female in my mid twentiesÖ and still virgin, (canít have sex before marriage) I have been masturbating clitorally ever since I was a child, maybe from 6 or 7Ö! I usually masturbate once a week these days, but sometime I want to masturbate more! But never do that since Iím afraid if itís not healthy for my body unlike in males, And even after doing that I still feel empty and need something stronger! Sometimes I feel like crying! GoshÖ too embarrassed! Anyway! The problem that is really really scared me is ,itís about a year that I feel a little tremble and pain in my left handís fingers specifically in my thumb, itís even tremble more after I achieve my orgasm...( Btw Iím left handed) so my question is that can it be because of the masturbation? since I have heard that it may cause hands to be tremulous! and it can be dangerous, I try to stop myself but I canít help myself from doing that!!! Too Sad and afraid What should I do??? Should I stop??? Please help!!! Thank you!!!

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun.  Most females your age who are not sexually active do it more than once a week.  It is good for your body and even relieves menstrual cramps.  It is also a good stress reliever.  

Anything you're doing to exert your thumb can be bad for it.  I've never heard of someone developing a tremble from masturbating, but it has been implicated in carpal tunnel syndrome.  I would surprised if masturbation alone were causing that, but it might contribute to CTS if you had a job or other activity that stressed your hand or wrist.  

I would suggest masturbating in a way that didn't exert your hand or wrist so much.  A different angle or lighter pressure might make the difference.

If this problem persists, you should see a doctor, because it might not have anything to do with masturbating and instead be a sign of a a more serious illness.  Don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor or nurse about masturbating.  They masturbate too.


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