Dear Expert,
I am 29 years old now , and i started masturbation since the age of 11 .. maybe 2 or three times each day !!
I know it's a very long time but i didn't know that over masturbation has a serious side effects.
i Just learnt that after an unpleasant experience with my girlfriend.

when trying to make love with her , i ejaculated two or three times very fast just by her hand touch.
Also after i got hard , and when trying to penetrate her , i lose erection very fast and couldn't achieve penetration at all.
i tried many times but no use.
erection happens only by her hand , but when trying to penetrate her , i lose erection immediately.

I am very depressed now ,
and i decided to stop masturbation completely
but i am not sure if that will help me or not.

I need your advice about that.
Is stopping masturbation will cure me ? and when that will happen ?
especially that i masturbated for a very long time of my life.

Also Do i need to take some medicines like Viagra
or do you suggest any other medications that are available in Egypt where i live now.

Do you thins that doing exercises for pelvic muscle will help me ?

I really appreciate your help.

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  You don't need to stop it completely, but it might help you if you didn't masturbate for 3-4 days before having sexual intercourse.  Just taking a few days off is apt to make a big difference.

I don't recommend taking medication because those are for erectile dysfunction and you didn't say anything about having that.

PC muscle exercises (Kegels) could help you a lot.  They would be worth trying.


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