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Hello, thank you for making yourself availiable to answe questions. So heres the thing. I love to masturbate. But I think its negatively affecting my marriage and I cant stop. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and most males do it for a lifetime.  Most males (and females) continue to masturbate at least occasionally after they're married.  However, most people don't masturbate if they think they're going to have sexual intercourse within two days.  (It's not the case that everyone plans it this way.)  So as a rule of thumb, if you think masturbation is going to make a difference in your enjoyment of intercourse, don't do it within two days.  Save masturbation for those times your wife is unavailable, away, etc.

If you think you really have an addiction and can't stop (i.e., you're masturbating even when you don't want to be), then you might need psychological help.  

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