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Hi ,Iím a female in my mid twentiesÖ and still virgin, (canít have sex before marriage) I have been masturbating clitorally ever since I was a child, maybe from 8 or 9Ö! I usually masturbate once a week these days, but sometime I want to masturbate more! But never do that since Iím afraid if itís not healthy for my body unlike in males,And even after doing that I still feel empty and need something stronger! Sometimes I feel like crying!! Anyway! The problem that is really really scared me is ,itís about a year that I feel a little tremble and pain in my left handís fingers specifically in my thumb, itís even tremble more after I achieve my orgasm...( Btw Iím left handed) so my question is that can it be because of the masturbation? since I have heard that it may cause hands to be tremulous! and it can be dangerous, I try to stop myself but I canít help myself from doing that!!! Too Sad and afraid What should I do??? Should I stop??? Please help!!! Thank you!!!

dear mandy ,,
it seems that u dont know much  but let me tell it wide clear ;
1-the issue of  hands to be tremulous has nothing to do with masturbation.
2-about being afraid if itís not healthy for your body unlike in males ,,this is wrong coz the fact is totally the contrary ;
it is healthy for females since they keep inside their body all vital escence of their ejaculation while unhealthy for men because the ejaculate their prime source of vitalitry and immunity outa  their body.
never worry,,u can masturbate as much as u like .,


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