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I'm a 23 years old girl and still a virgin. I recently tried to masturbate but I can't seem to find pleasure in it. I tried rubbing my clitoris but I don't feel anything from it. Is it because of the way I rub it? I don't have any vibrators and can't buy one as it is illegal in my country. I tried the shower but it has no feeling at all.

I also tried inserting a finger inside but it feels like my vagina is very hard. I tried pressing it but there is no feeling. I feel like my vagina is very hard and once i put it in I dare not pull in and out as I am afraid that it will hurt me.

What should I do?

I think you might be trying too hard.  Instead of rubbing, try gently touching your clitoral area while you are relaxed and thinking of happy things.  You will not hurt yourself by inserting a finger into your vagina, but most females don't start masturbating internally until they have had some practice masturbating externally.  Keep at it and one day soon you will have happy success.


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