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Sometimes I'll try masturbating by rubbing my penis using my fingers while still wearing my underwear and pants but so far it's been unsuccessful in satisfying me sexually and hasn't caused to orgasm but sometimes I keep trying because I've gotten bored from both conventional and face-down masturbation. I guess my question is; If I keep trying to masturbate by rubbing my penis with my fingers while still wearing my underwear and pants, and in a sitting position, will I eventually succeed? Or does wearing the clothes interfere too much in trying to achieve orgasm in the way I just described?

I recommend highly against masturbating face down.  That is a cause of sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction and retarded ejaculation.  You can learn more about prone masturbation and how to overcome it at

It is also no surprise that you are unable to reach orgasm by masturbating through your clothes.  Your penis enjoys the touch of your naked hand.  I would suggest doing it uncovered all of the time.  You might never reach orgasm through your clothes.


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