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QUESTION: Sometime back in 1989 at the age of 6 when me and my family I were living in Augusta,Georgia for a short time there was something interesting that happened and I can still remember this even 24 years later, here's the story; I was with my mother at a local elementary school(I just can't remember the school's name)so she could get me enrolled at Kindergarten and we took a tour of the school with one of the teachers and I remember seeing a small staircase that had three stairsteps which are the type of stairsteps used in school plays and it was blue and, knowing what I know now about sexuality, when I saw that small staircase I got horny and got an erection and I wanted so badly to hump and kiss it after seeing the staircase and I also remember asking both my mother and the teacher if I could have the little staircase but I wasn't allowed to have it because the teacher said, and I quote, "The staircase has gone bad" but that was the only thing I heard because there were no specifics as to why the staircase was no good since I didn't see any obvious signs of damage to it. I didn't no where else to ask these questions about this so I decided to ask them here and they are; 1)Do you what that teacher could've meant when she said the staircase had gone bad? 2)Because I got horny from seeing that small blue staircase, could this have been yet another example of the sexual fetishes I have for various inanimate objects?

ANSWER: I suspect the staircase had developed structural damage meaning that it was no longer safe for people to climb it.  That's why it had gone bad.

If you get horny from seeing a small staircase, then I definitely say that's an example of getting horny from an inanimate object.  Something like this?

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QUESTION: This second part isn't a question but I wanted to say I looked at the picture on the website you listed, however, the blue staircase that made me horny at age 6 was, if I remember correctly, made of wood that was most likely painted blue. Now that I'm older, that kind of situation that happened to me in 1989 would be no where near as intense as it was in my childhood because the newness of my sexual fetishes and the newness of masturbation has unfortunately dissipated with age and the appeal of these things is maybe, at best, only half as intense as they use to be and, while I still have fetishes for certain kinds of various shiny plasticy-looking glossy inanimate objects, I doubt that, at the age I am now, I would probably no longer get horny from seeing that same kind of blue staircase.

OK, but if you talked to a mental health professional about it, he or she would probably want to know about the significance of the color blue, the significance of the material used in the staircase (did it make any difference?), and perhaps the significance of it being an "old" staircase (the school had retired it).  There is more to it than I alluded to or that I really know anything about.


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