I was wondering if it makes a difference how much precum a male produces.  I just notice that sometimes there is only a little and sometimes there is a lot.  What difference does it make and how can I produce more?

The main thing affecting amount of precum -- properly called bulbourethral fluid -- is the length of time a male is aroused before ejaculating.  If a male gets aroused and quickly reaches orgasm, there is apt to be only a drop of pre-ejaculate, and it will most likely come out within a few seconds before his ejaculation.  If a male is aroused for 20 minutes or longer, he will produce more pre-ejaculate and it will come out at various points before he ejaculates.

The only function of bulbourethral fluid is to neutralize any traces of urine in the urethra so the urine won't kill sperm.  If you are masturbating, there is no need for bulbourethral fluid, and if you are having sex but not trying to conceive, there is also no need for it.


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