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Masturbation/Is what I did dangerous?


I just recently tried this masturbation technique where I put my penis in one of two holes which are small openings for this dome-shaped shiny hard plastic toy called 'Bilibo' and I did this while standing up to masturbate and when the plastic opening was around my penis I was able to hold the toy's dome-shaped top with both hands while sliding the opening up and down my penis so I could pretend I was getting a blowjob from various young male actors I find attractive(I was of course looking at pictures of some of these guys I printed and keep for myself). However, I'm not sure whether or not if I want to keep trying this method because the sensation and orgasm didn't feel very spectatular it was just a 'so-so' orgasm. But I wonder if this method I tried is dangerous and if whether or not I could've damaged my penis if I wasn't careful? And, could using the hard plastic opening cause urethral obstruction? Of course I wasn't trying to intentionally cause any harm to my penis I was only trying to find new and different ways of enjoying masturbation.

A Bilibo is a kids' toy and is not designed for masturbating.  Inserting your penis into anything hard is very dangerous.  Anyway, you didn't even like it.  I would strenuously argue against this masturbating method and urge you to try something softer, like a Super Head Honcho, if you really want to use a sex toy.  The Super Head Honcho is designed to replicate oral sex.


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