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QUESTION: Hi steven,
I am asking this question with great hopes of getting a final solution for my problem.
I am 24M, India. I began masturbating when i was 14 and quit that when  was 16-17. But after that there was series of nocturnal emissions for which I took some medicines too. As this masturbation had made me weak with sunken eyes and lost glow of face. Now in last one year I consulted one ayurvedic doctor, who administered me siddhh- Makardhwaja(An Ayurvedic Medicine). After that nocturnal emissions are in control but I havent got rid of sunken eyes and weaker face. some wrinkles near eyes have also appeared.
Please guide me whether there is an issue with me or my body. What diet I should take so as to get my conditions improved as before.

ANSWER: Well there is no scientific evidence that masturbation at any age can have those effects on the body as for the medicine I don't think you should be taking medicine for something that is not an issue all the medicine could do is make your condition worse

A nocturnal emission or wet dream is a natural and healthy event trying to stop it is a bad idea. The testicles are constantly producing sperm and so if we don't masturbate the sorry cells sit there and become old and weak and could become infectious. So I the sperm builds up we have a wet dream to cycle through the old sperm and keeps the new sperm healthy.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot for reply steve!! The medicines which I have taken were homeopathic and ayurvedic. I hope they have no side-effects. Fingers crossed. But why I have those sunken eyes and appearance of wrinkles around my eyes. i take healthy vegetarian food everyday, like milk, sprouts, honey, oats, juice  being some of the important constituents of diet.
Please suggest...
As far as masturbation is concerned, I dont feel like doing that nowadays because one I was highly addicted to that. Nocturnal emissions are still there but in lower frequency than before, like once in two weeks. and I hope this is a healthy interlude than every fortnightly some time back.
Please suggest..

Well as for the medication I can't really say much about it due to my western science background. Homeopathic remedies are more eastern areas of expertise. After getting a little info on your diet it seems you may be suffering from slight nutrition deficient diet. Meaning your not getting the right nutrients to promote healthy looks and skin development. There are ways to help improve the looks of sunken eyes. First eat a well rounded diet including meats and sources of all types of vitamins like vitamin e,c,k and always get enough sleep meaning a solid eight hours of sleep. I noticed you put vegetarian diet so meats may not be well a good source of protein and nutrients found mainly in meat. There are some nutrients that can only really be found in meats. So if meats are really not an option then seek either meat substitutes that are vegetarian approved and or nutrient supplements. Vegetarians often suffer from nutrient deficient diets caused by the lack of meats.

The nocturnal emissions will vary in frequency due to arousal. So if you get more aroused one week you may see an increase in wet dreams.  


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