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QUESTION: hey dr. doug,
im a teenage boy. im asking, can you teach me some ways or some tips to eager me to continue masturbating after cumming? because as soon as i cum, i directly pull out my hand. now i want to continue moving my hand up and down even after. i dont want it like before that i get disgusted with my cum and immediately stop.
secondly, im 15 and wondering what is the average size of a NON erect dick? (im tall enough, big built, but not much armpit hair yet- they're really little still) because my dick is only 2-3 inches when not erect. n when i saw my friend in briefs, his dick seemed 4-5 inches. was he erect? or it was normally big?

ANSWER: When a male ejaculates, he cannot ejaculate again for anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours.  At your age, it would probably be on the short end.  This time is called the refractory period .  Also, at the point of orgasm, the head of the penis gets too sensitive to touch.  That is why you stop, not because you are disgusted.

Non-erect (flaccid) size doesn't mean anything.  It's not even a good barometer of how long the erect penis will be.  Don't worry that yours is small.  Anyway, it's the only penis you will ever have.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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QUESTION: but even though i cant ejaculate already, i still want to continue shuffling it up and down playing with it!. and i wanna play with the semen.

about semen, if i eat my own, nothing happens to me right? like no stomach ache? loose bowel movement? etc..?

ANSWER: I suppose you can start shuffling whenever you like, but don't expect to ejaculate as quickly as when you started at zero.  Eating your own semen is not harmful, and about half of males have done it.  In fact, about 10 percent of males do that as their regular way of cleaning up.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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QUESTION: when you said that I can't cum again for 15 minutes to hours, i can ejaculate again tonight right even though i did somewhere 10-11 a.m this morning right?
because i haven't masturbated for the past six weeks. i started last night at 12 midnight and 10/11 a.m this day.

Secondly,will the producing of my semen be slower since its not used to the everyday jack off?

The refractory period can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours.  At your age, probably closer to 15 minutes.  So if you masturbated at 11 a.m., you can do it again at 11:15 a.m.  It is not a good idea to go 6 weeks without masturbating.  Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and most males your age practice it daily.

Feel free to ask me more questions!  I'm glad to help.


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