QUESTION: When i masturbate i saw may semen like a water thingy, its not sticky like a normal semen, and when i ejaculate again this afternoon it came back to normal?, is this okay? , and after ejaulate is it okay when i feel like a burn sensation when i urinate after ejaculation, and after that i urinate again.. is that okay? like its hard to urinate after ejaculation?

ANSWER: I suspect that what came out earlier was bulbourethral fluid, also called precum.  Precum is released when a male is aroused, before his ejaculation.  If your ejaculation is now back to normal, then there is probably no problem.  However, a burning feeling after ejaculation is bad.  If it persists, it might be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.  A doctor could decide on that with a urine test.

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QUESTION: its not a precum its what i release ejaculation, and its not a burning sensation after masturbation, its when i urinate i feel the sensation, .. its like hard to urinate after masturbation, few urine caming out.. some said its normal

Yes, I know it's when you urinate.  A burning sensation while urinating is a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.  That is what a doctor is needed to check for.  

Sometimes males get a burning sensation if they wait for a long time after ejaculating before urinating.  That is because semen can dry inside the urethra and form a plug that has to dissolve when the urine flow starts.  To avoid this, urinate soon after ejaculating to flush out any unejaculated semen.

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