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You recently posted a question to Angie Bergan in category Masturbation:
Hi, I'm twenty years old and two years back when i used to make out with my girlfriend i used to get aroused just when she touched between my legs.but recently i tried masturbation for the first time(thinking its high time to do so) and realised i felt nothing.nothing at all.. i have located my clit,rubbed on it,around it,use a lube(coconut oil).i even tried useing a electric shaver on my clit! no disheartened, is there anything wrong with me? how can none of the methods work. i feel better aroused when i stop my pee than when i rub on my clit! someone please help me.
is there anything called a hooded clit?if so what shud one do..
all i can say is i need help in masturbation but nothing seems to work.
i need to make myself feel good

ANSWER: Don't be discouraged.  It often takes females a long time to learn to masturbate to orgasm.  If you can learn from your girlfriend, that would be a big help.  I would advise against both the coconut oil and the electric shaver.  Work on using the gentle touch of your hands.  If you need lube, use a water-based one.  Oil-based lubes can cause problems when they get inside a woman's body.  If you can get aroused by stopping your urine, there's nothing wrong with that.  You are activating the PC muscle, the same muscle that is important in having an orgasm.  In fact, doing Kegel exercises to work the PC muscle are an excellent idea.

All females are born with a hooded clitoris.  For many females, the clitoral head is too sensitive to touch directly, and so the hood is what they stimulate.

Keep trying, and feel free to ask me more questions!

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QUESTION: Hi thanks a lot for answering my question. But i want to know what is a kegel exercise? And since im not getting any sensation from my clit should i surgically operate on it?and if there are any methods or exercise to improve my situation please enlighten me. Thank you once again.

ANSWER: I don't recommend surgery.  Kegel exercises are basically contracting and releasing the muscle used to start and stop your flow of urine.  Do a web search on that term.  Lots of web sites discuss and instruct on Kegel exercises.  Feel free to ask more questions!

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QUESTION: Thanks once again for such a quick reply. I now understand there is nothing wrong with the built in but it would be great if you could tell some methods to make it  sensitive. How much ever i try with my hand it doesnt arise me.

Work on understanding the power of light touch.  If you use too much force, you're apt to make it even less sensitive to your touch.  Try it when you're really feeling like touching it will make a difference, and then see how little touch you need to stimulate it.  

Feel free to ask me more questions!


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