Hi, I'm Sam and mum to my daughter Zoe who is just 13, my husband John works away often so it's just the two of us.  Zoe and her dad have always been wonderfully close, when he come home they spend a great deal of time together which is fine.  John always calls us when he can from abroad or in UK, Zoe usually goes into her room when it's her turn to speak with her dad and I respect this as she probably doesn't want to be disturbed during this special time.  Last year John was away and phoned one Sunday evening, I chatted for a bit then handed ther phone to Zoe who went to her room as usual.  A short while later I got up to go to the loo and passed her room on the way and glanced in her room through the gap in the door and almost gasped  at what I saw.  Zoe was on her bed which faces away from her door and while she was talking to John she had her hand in her panties obviously fingering herself.  I looked for a moment then walked away not sure what to think.  The next few times he was away and called when Zoe took the phone to her room I waited for a few moments and then sneaked a peak through the gap in her door and sure enough each time she was masturbating while she talked on the phone, she was usually propped against her head board and legs apart rubbing her panties or hand inside and obviously poking away, one time she was on her tummy and humping her duvet.  As I watched I felt guilty and jealous and confused.  I was jealous she was doing this while talking to John-what was going on?  A few times watching her masturbate made me feel wrongly horny and I went to the loo to do it.  What do you think is happening while she talks with John, I haven't asked any of then about it.

Hi Sam

I really don't know what they are talking about. I truly hope it is nothing sexual in nature, because that is both wrong and illegal. I would talk to your husband and ask him what is going on. If he is having phone sex with your underage daughter, you need to confront him, get him help, or call the police. This type of behavior can have an affect on her the rest of her life.

Please be the bigger person and parent and deal with it.

If he is not having phone sex with her (which I pray he isn't) then you need to talk to your daughter and ask her why she is doing this on the phone with her father.


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